The Last Supper (Leonardo DaVinci, 1498)

Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014)

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me waiting for Gone Girl to come out like

this b*tch is seein paul thomas anderson on sunday hel l yeah hellll fuckin reyah all IRGHT


whose dick needs to be sucked for me to get inherent vice tickets for this saturday

The face of the rebellion. Jennifer Lawrence stars as #KatnissEverdeen in @TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1.


Breaking Bad except instead of a chemistry teacher Walter White is an art teacher and instead of cooking meth he starts taking hentai commissions on DeviantArt

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Inherent Vice (2014)


u can tell shes half pissed off half turned on

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reading the receipts on your problematic fave



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Anonymous asked:
Why are you all of a sudden praising Taylor Swift for saying the same stuff Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have been saying for ages? Like she's not bringing anything new or empowering to the feminist movement, she's just a white woman saying the same old recycled shit and people listen cause she's white. Please don't lift her up to such a high status.

Yo I’m praising her bc she’s made a personal development? And is another extremely powerful woman going on tv and getting the word out? Since when can we only support one person I’m confused I support all my ladies please chill with ur bad vibes

[at Korra panel Q and A] [taps mic] my question is ..yeah….so what is Korras bra size